Transform Your Life or Career from stuck to unstoppable

Gain clarity, focus, confidence, and momentum to achieve your goals - faster!

What we offer

Life & Career Coaching


  • Do you want to create clarity on what you really want in your life or career?
  • Do you want to stretch & grow in new and exciting ways?
  • Do you want to gain momentum in achieving your life, career, or job search goals?
  • If you can answer "Yes" to one or more of the following, a life or career coach can help! I feel lost. I feel stuck. I feel unfulfilled. I have a vision, but no clear plan. My self-confidence could use a boost. 

​​​Coach Training



  • Do you want to add job search coaching to your practice?
  • Do you want to learn how to coach students/clients in career exploration?
  • Do you want to learn the latest insights into how the brain works and incorporate that into your coaching practice? (Coming this fall!)
  • Do you want to build and expand your coaching competencies?

Workshops & Webinars



  • Are you seeking an expert to provide best practices for CTE nontraditional recruitment & retention to help meet Perkins IV & V goals?
  • Are you looking for a presenter to share job search best practices?
  • Are you seeking a presenter to talk about personal branding?